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One of the largest independent importers in the business,  Brilliant Traders have been importing plywood and panel products for years. In an extremely competitive market, we are a family-owned company and we pride ourselves on always striving to achieve value for money for every customer. Quality is the keystone to Brilliant Trader's growing success. From our staff to our merchandise, customers expect – and receive – the very best in terms of friendly service, price, and product.



Since its inception, Brilliant Traders deliver unmatched quality and unique craftsmanship of its products to our customers. We has always fulfilled global quality parameters. Our products are the epitome of enduring strength, stunning aesthetics, unique designs and impeccable functionality. we always been able to deliver uncompromised pre and post sales service support to its customers. Besides being well-rooted in Kerala, Brilliant Traders has a vast sales and service network in South India



We supply good quality of soft close hinges, zero and eight crank hinges, fittings and components to meet our client’s unique requirements.


Mica Sheet

Brilliant Traders is the place where passion meets excellence, creating what can be best described as hallmarks of quality and elegance. The top Trading company in India, Brilliant Traders offers world-class laminate sheets. An ideal solution for both residential and commercial spaces, our laminate sheets come with a number of distinct properties such as antibacterial, fire retardant, scratch and impact resistance and many more attributes that make them a cut above the rest.

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Growing demand for good design and appearance combined with high product quality plays a major role in furniture manufacture and in interior. Regardless of your edgeband requirements, Brilliant Traders has the right solution for every requirement in terms of design, function, and processing.


Kitchen Basket

Our offered range covers: Multi Purpose Wire Basket, Sheet Basket, Carousal, Pullout, Bin Holder, Grain Trolley, Stainless Steel Cup & Saucer Baskets and more allied steel products


Profile Handles

Brilliant Traders offers a range of Aluminium profiles which cater to the contemporary trends of aesthetics in home interiors. Brilliant's range of Aluminium Profiles enhances the appearance of your kitchen cabinet doors with a sleek elegant look. The profiles are easy to assemble and can be installed easily.

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